Here goes.

Okay, first post. The pressure’s on now.

I’ve been wanting to start a travel blog for years. Even before I started tramping around on my own, I knew it was something I wanted to do. My mother traveled extensively through South America during and after her time in the Peace Corps, and I grew up hearing her stories and wanting to follow in her footsteps. Later, when I was in college, I discovered travel bloggers like Craig from and Adventurous Kate who made me realize that independent, solo travel was totally attainable and maybe not so crazy after all! I vowed that after I finished college I would take a year or more to backpack Latin America on my own.

However, money proved to be an issue. I had none. So I moved back to New York, started picking up freelance gigs, and postponed my trip. But I never forgot my plans. By late November of 2012, I had put aside a little bit of spare change from various jobs and was tired of waiting. On the spur of the moment I booked a cheap flight to Cartagena, Colombia for a three-week vacation and crossed my fingers that my money wouldn’t run out. I figured I’d spent enough years reading about backpacking and budget travel to pull it off, and if not, that’s what credit cards are for, right?

slightly confused in Santa Marta, Colombia

slightly confused in Santa Marta, Colombia

In any case, the trip was a complete success and it nearly killed me to come home at the end of it. I immediately started working twice as hard and saving actively in order to fund more travel. Everyone knows that freelance work is “feast or famine”, so I’ve fallen into a neat pattern of working my ass off for several months and then leaving to travel during the slow periods. It’s not a full gap year, but if I can keep it up it might be even better.

taking selfies at Angkor Wat

taking selfies at Angkor Wat

But why start a blog? The other day I was reading through some old journals from my trips and I realized, I have some really awesome stories. They should be shared. I can’t claim to be any kind of authority on the subject of travel, and what with the great quality and quantity of blogs out there right now I’m certainly not filling any kind of void, but that’s okay — there’s plenty of internet to go around. I may also update this furiously for a while and then completely lose interest in a month. Only one way to find out.

So let’s do this thing!

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