The Southeast Asia Trip

I enjoyed my first taste of solo travel in Colombia so much that I had barely settled back in at home in NY before I was itching to go somewhere again. It took nearly a year before I got my chance. Though I’d researched dozens of destinations in the meantime and planned out all different types of trips and itineraries in my head, when it came time to book a ticket I decided on a whim to go to Southeast Asia.


I’d heard it was a great place for backpackers and it seemed that so many people had traveled there, it seemed that the Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos circuit was almost like a rite of passage. From all the travel blogs I’d read (many, by this point), I knew it was cheap, easy to get around, and great for beginners. Though it wouldn’t be my first trip, I still felt like a newbie so I wanted to take advantage of all those things. Everyone I met said that SEA would be a total breeze if my first time traveling alone was in Colombia! That ended up being true and says a lot for how established the tourist infrastructure is over there, since I hadn’t thought it difficult to travel in Colombia!


I ended up traveling for about 6 and a half weeks through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, with a three-day stopover in Tokyo, Japan on the way there. I ran out of time before making it to Laos unfortunately, but I’m hoping to go back eventually.

In any case, that trip is the next one I’ll be writing about. Hopefully reliving it will tide me over until my next adventure, which is looking like it will be at the end of June!

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