Back on the horse

Predictably, life got crazy and I stopped posting.

BUT! I finally have confirmation in the form of a long-awaited plane ticket that I will be heading off on my next trip in just over two weeks. I’m about to age out of the Birthright Israel program, which I’ve been meaning to take advantage of for years. This summer is my last chance, so I’m finally going, and I’ve extended my return flight home by two months to allow me to travel independently around the area after the initial trip has concluded.

I’m very curious about what this trip is going to be like, since I’ve never really been on an organized tour of this type before. The 10-day itinerary seems pretty intense, packed with sights and activities, and it’s kind of the polar opposite to the relaxed and spontaneous slow-travel that I prefer. As most of you know, I’m also an inveterate solo traveler who likes a lot of “me” time, so I’m interested to see how I’ll cope with being stuck with 40 other people 24/7. I guess the only thing to do is wait and see.

Between working on about 4 different jobs at the moment, still trying to fix up my new apartment, and figuring out what I’m going to do for my 26th birthday (two days before I leave), I really have not planned out where I’m going to go after Birthright ends and I’m on my own. But that’s a nice foil to those over-planned, jam-packed 10 days at the beginning of the trip.

I’m hoping to post more in the next couple weeks before I leave, both to finish writing about previous travels and planning for this one. I’m also hoping to just get back in the habit in hopes that will allow me to continue once on the road. Wish me luck!

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