Barranquilla carnaval in photos

I was lucky enough to be in Barranquilla for the first day of the 2013 Carnaval, though I had to fly home to New York the second day so I couldn’t participate in the rest of the week’s festivities. That one day gave me enough of a sampling of the event that I can’t wait to go back sometime and stay for the whole thing! We went to the parade and partied all day, then took a quick nap before partying all night. I caught a private shuttle at 7am the next morning without sleeping that took me straight to the Cartagena airport for my flight home. Continue reading

Block parties, cumbia, and clubbing in Barranquilla


I am convinced that Barranquilla is the party capital of Colombia, at least among cities on the coast. It’s famous for its Carnaval (sure, the one in Rio is more well known, but Barranquilla’s is second and nearly as elaborate), but I think they know how to party year-round. It’s also the hometown of one of my best friends back in New York, so of course I had to check it out. Continue reading