A Night Under the Stars in Wadi Rum


My new French friends and I hopped in a taxi at the Jordanian border and set off on our 45-minute drive to Wadi Rum. While Etienne sat up front and chatted with our driver, I spent most of the time looking out the window at the vast, unchanging desert landscape. Though Israel has miles of uninhabited desert as well, this seemed different somehow. We saw almost nothing: lots of sand and rocks with one main road running in between, a single railroad track (that I later learned doesn’t carry passengers and is mostly for show), and power lines. An amazing abundance of power lines, though I couldn’t tell you where they led to or from. Continue reading

Crossing into Jordan


After a day of snorkeling on the beach in Eilat (which has gorgeous coral reefs right off the shore, but there isn’t much to say for the town…), Jon and Jahan had to head back north to Tel Aviv, but they offered to drop me at the border on the way so I could continue on to Jordan. Continue reading