From Istanbul to Selçuk, the hard way

Remember my recent post about flying by the seat of my pants? And how it sometimes bites me in the ass? Well, I totally did it again. Continue reading

Istanbul Museum Pass: is it worth it?


Istanbul is chock full of museums and historical sites, and in an effort to see as many of the most important ones as possible, I immediately bought the Museum Pass that’s advertised all over the city. Here’s my breakdown. Continue reading

Flying By the Seat of My Pants


I have done absolutely no planning for Turkey. And it shows.

I boarded my plane from Tel Aviv without having done the slightest bit of research on even my first stop, Istanbul. I’d only barely managed to book a hostel — I had been about to go to bed the night before when I realized I hadn’t done that yet. Oops. Quickly searched the hostelworld app on my phone, found a dorm that still had availability on such short notice, booked it. Done.

I meant to buy a guidebook at the airport, but the only one for sale was an Istanbul-only Lonely Planet and it cost over 150 shekels. I’ll pass, thanks. My hostel had automatically emailed me directions, so I figured I’d be set to get there anyhow. Continue reading