Tokyo First Impressions

I spent 3 days in Tokyo, Japan as a stopover on my way to Bangkok last November. Though I was only there for a brief stay, I tried to see and do as much as possible in that time and the city made quite an impact on me. Here are some quick first impressions, scribbled down in my notebook about 24 hours after arriving: Continue reading

Amusing signage at la Brisa Loca

I don’t know why, but I always seem to be taking pictures of signs when I travel. Sometimes at home, too, if I spot a particularly funny or weird one.

In addition to all the wonderful things about this Santa Marta hostel that I laid out in my last post, La Brisa Loca also had one of the biggest collections of passive-aggressive signs that I’d ever seen in one place. They kept me highly entertained. Here are just a few more. Continue reading